E Liquid

E liquid is a vapor/nicotine base product that is found in electronic cigarettes and is heated by the atomizer to deliver the sensation, taste and feel of smoking. It should be noted that while you may find a really good e cigarette, your vaporing experience will not be as enjoyable without quality e-liquid.  E-liquid comes in a variety of different flavors, consistencies, throat hits and nicotine concentrations.

The flavour found in e-liquid varies depending on where it came from, what components were used to make the liquid, and what types of flavourings were added. As a result, naturally derived nicotine manufactured from organic plant sources typically taste better and are also safer to use than synthetic nicotine. Furthermore, natural flavourings from flavour concentrates are usually added to the liquid, which give it its distinctive flavours.  These flavours are usually the same flavouring used to flavour food and candles.

How Is E-liquid Made?

E-liquid is usually made mostly of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) base.  Most e-liquids on the market are made of entirely PG and most smokers often prefer them.  Some individuals that are allergic to propylene glycol or are not comfortable with smoking a product that has animal products in it may do better with a vegetable glycerin base alternative.  These VG bases usually consist of water and a small amount of distilled alcohol.

Throat Hit

Throat hit is the sensation that smokers feel in the back of their throat when the  e juice vapour is inhaled.  In the earlier days of vaporing, smokers felt vaping an e cigarette was like inhaling air instead of the smoking sensation that they can now enjoy.  Increased throat hit makes using an e cigarette feel and taste just like a traditional cigarette and enhances ones smoking experience overall.  The liquid base, concentration of nicotine, and voltage of the e cigarette also affect the liquid’s throat hit.

E Liquid UK

E-liquid is often diluted with pure PG or VG to a safe concentration of 18 mg to 24 mg per millilitre of liquid.

A typical full flavoured e cigarette contains about 18 mg of nicotine.  The nicotine concentration desired varies from smoker to smoker, however a typical range for most smokers is around 18 mg.  As the concentration of nicotine increases, the throat hit also substantially increases.  0 mg e-liquid on the other hand feels more like inhaling warm flavoured air, whereas 24 mg may be more suitable for experienced or extreme vapers.

Safety Concerns

Many of the ingredients used to make E-liquid are well known and are the same products found in many food products.  Currently only pharmaceutical grade (USP) or food grade PG and VG are considered safe to use.  It should be noted that E-liquid does contain nicotine and should only be handled by adults 18 and older.  There are liquids that are nicotine free if you prefer.  If eliquid ever gets on your skin be sure to wash it with warm soap and water immediately.


E-liquid comes in a vast array of different flavours  making it ideal for e cigarette smokers.